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Price range $3,500 - approximately, $5,000, with the addition of some used stud sires.

Along with our On Property sale, ANC Charolais sell Bulls and Stud Heifers straight out of the paddock.  This is the preferred method of selling.  The images below are of current Paddock Bulls For Sale.  Please contact us by phone or email to discuss.

Visit our Paddock Sales page of our website for full details.

Paddock Sales for Bulls and Females can be arranged by contacting Andrew and Norah Cass.

Queensland Country Life - Victoria Nugent 30 Aug 2019, 8 p.m

The ANC Charolais on-property sale near Gulguba on Friday twice hit a top of $15,000, with an average of $6443.

The on-property sale near Gulugaba on Friday drew buyers from all over Queensland, as well as one Victorian buyer.

Of the 102 bulls on offered, 70 sold for a clearance of 69pc.

The first bull to hit the $15,000 top price was ANC Oakey (P), bought by Ken and Jackie Knudsen, Kilbeggan, Chinchilla.

The two-year-old son of ANC Jubilant from ANC Lorinsi's Netty weighed 970kg with P8 and rib fat of 12mm and 8mm, intramuscular fat of 5.4 per cent, 146 sq cm eye muscle area and 40cm scrotal circumference.

"He's a nice bull, good weight for age... he'll go well over the Santa cows that we're putting him over," Mr Knudsen said.

"I've had their bulls before and they do a good job, and they're close."

He was one of four bulls bought by the Knudsens.

The next $15,000 bull was bought by Chas and Judy Nobbs, Cordelia, Bauhinia, who were looking for polled bulls with good conformation.

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Helen Walker - @HelenQCL - 3 Sep 2018,

Moongool pays to $26,000 at ANC Full French Charolais Sale

Andrew and Norah Cass, ANC Full French Charoalis, Guluguba, sold 68 bulls to average $6551 and topped at $26,000, at their on-property sale near Guluguba, last Friday. 

In all, 68 bull from 107 catalogued sold, representing 64 per cent clearance. 

The sale topper was ANC Mardin (P), a son of ANC Huddle from a ANC female family and sold to Ian and Dell Price, Moongool Charolais, Yuleba.  

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GDL auctioneer, Peter Brazier, with Norah Cass, ANC Full French Charolais, Guluguba, with buyers of the top priced bull at $26,000, Dell and Ian Price, Moongool Charolais, Yuleba.

Sale topper: ANC Mardin (P), a son of ANC Huddle sold for $26,000 to Ian and Dell Price, Moongool Charolais, Yuleba. Image - Helen Walker


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